~Is your love of dairy & eggs stopping you from getting started on a vegan journey?~

Ditch Dairy & Eggs for Good workshop is a virtual workshop training giving you a step-by-step plan to finally ditch dairy and eggs in 45 days!

What you will learn during the workshop:

  • Why dairy isn't necessary for a healthy life and how it contributes to disease, animal cruelty and weight gain.
  • How to easily replace cheese, milk, ice cream, cream cheese, yogurt, butter & sour cream with healthier and compassionate plant-based options.
  • How to handle dairy & egg cravings
  • How to avoid dairy & eggs while dining out and grocery shopping.

What's Included in Your Purchase:

  •  70-minute training video 
  •  Mini-workbook with resources and prompts
  •  Slides from the training video

Check out the video for a quick preview ------>>>>

What Can You Expect After You Finish the Workshop:

45-day plan on how to completely eliminate dairy and eggs from your diet!

"Ditch Dairy & Eggs for Good" workshop will give you the confidence and foundation to move forward with a healthier lifestyle.


*How will I receive the training once I purchase it?  

As soon as your purchase is made, you will receive a confirmation email to download the video training, slides and workbook.